Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2000 & Great

This certainly has been a year to remember!
Some memories good... some bad... but all have left their mark.
Here at home we've seen an overflow in the news of child abductions
questionable deaths and, we've seen scandals and a call to arms.
and the battle for government control continues as it seems no one
can tame the many beasts that roam our city street.

Overseas we've seen weather patterns change, the world call on God or some higher power
as people become more and more disillusioned by the status Quo. A Global cry for help!

Amidst all the Turmoil we press on. Across the world many have drawn hope from a black
man with a middle eastern name sweep a nation as he prepares to snuggle with his wife in the master bedroom of the White House.

2008 if nothing else... is certainly the year the world changed. not in its slow evolutionary morph.
But in a Quantum Leap. What tomorrows brings is any ones guess.

It has definitely been a wild ride for me. Where do i go? What do i do? What will i become?
As i reminisce on simpler times i can't help but wonder at the thought: Everything that has happened, everything in is own way of working has brought us inexorably to this point. Right now! This moment!

A moment of Choice. A place where we have an opportunity to contribute to a new way of doing things. A chance to change our own lives.

In the morning i will awake to a new Sun.
In the morning i will awake to a new Day.

Where that day will take me is a Secret shared only by God and tomorrow.
I hesitate... can i face it? I know i must! It comes no matter what state i'm in!

Teach me how to trust! Teach me to face tomorrow.
I Step...

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